What are LMS systems?

What are learning management systems?

In today’s tech savvy society more and more schools and businesses are turning to Learning Management Systems in order to provide a framework for how they deliver and organize various aspects of the programs available for their students or employees.  Learning Management System is software application systems that allow schools and businesses to deliver online education for training purposes. While often thought of as an e-learning tool, however, Learning Management Systems also provide the capability to encourage communications and collaboration amongst colleagues or classmates, provide and monitor goals for corporate training departments, allow a location and way for employees to complete compliance training, as well as the ability to register for courses or training sessions online.


As technology continues to grow, its applications do as well. Learning Management Systems and their e-learning and management capabilities are more and more relevant to schools and businesses alike. There are many software frameworks available so that you can find the Learning Management System that best suits your needs.


The Learning Management System market is a billion dollar industry, which includes a variety of companies from large to small, and both new and old. Learning Management Systems allow for customization in your system framework so that the features that work best for individual needs can be met.